Hop Varieties


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Cascade. 7.0% citrus peel, green tea, floral

Centennial 8.9% flowery, spicy, strong citrus

Chinook 12% grapefruit, spicy, very piney

Nugget 14.2% pleasant herbal notes, resiny

Zeus (CTZ) 10.5% dank, spicy, herbal

Tahoma 4.2% lemon citrus

Vojvodina 6.5% woody aroma, notes of cedar and tobacco

2019 Harvest, Coming Soon:

Medusa, Sterling, Bitter Gold / El Dorado

Sold Out for 2018:

Columbia 6.9% pineapple with bright lemon citrus

Cashmere 8.4% lemon, lime, melon, and a mild herbal bouquet

Triple Pearl 7.3% citrus, spicy, tropical fruit, pine

Saaz 4.7% earthy, herbal, floral notes

Yakima Gold 9.3% citrus, lemongrass, spicy