rich glacier terroir

Our rich loamy glacier soil is over 20 feet deep and perfect unique terroir for growing the best hops.

Our 32 acres sits on an artesian well, where water flows to the surface naturally.

Fowler Farms has been operating in the family for 6 generations. Our agricultural knowledge and experience of cultivating apples is now being applied to hops.

established in 1858


Our passion for growing quality apples has built a tradition of excellence. The farm, is situated just south of Lake Ontario New York, which provides the ideal climate for growing apples and hops. With over 6,000 acres of fertile farm land, we were able to pick the perfect spot, with the best soil, for growing hops.

fast forward

Chimney Bluffs Hoppery is still family owned, vertically integrated, and dedicated to excellence. We’ve made it a high priority to make a brewers’ experience purchasing hops as easy as possible.

They call Kara the hop goddess.

Whether you have a hop emergency, or big plans for the future…

Get in touch with Kara, and she can deliver what you need for your next brew.